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The important things in life

The important things in life

The important things in life

Are you one of the organised people in life or are you one of the people that is constantly stressed because everyone wants something from you and you just don’t have time to organise.  

It’s difficult remaining on top of life. The more subscriptions, insurances and documents we have the harder it is to understand how or where to file them.

In the past, mums and dads has drawers and cabinets in the spare room, the garage and the office where paper documents magically routed themselves and were readily available at a time of need.

Today there are so many ways we can receive important documents that bringing them all together in one place is increasingly challenging.

The traditional post and modern courier services are still used to deliver paper documents from contractual terms to physical docs like passports.

Email is now a common way for organisations to communicate with us

Increasingly I have seen companies moving to use WhatsApp and other popular messenger services to chat with customers and potentially to send resulting documents

Perhaps most frustratingly companies have now started releasing their own web portals and apps and expect you to install the app or visit the portal to gat to your information and documents.